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Defining your needs

Initial Consultation

We can give you a free consultation for an in-depth discussion of what goals you have and how to go about achieving them, what you want and how we can deliver it, and what you expect from us and how we can exceed those expectations within your budget.

Always Available

When we're setting up the project, we'll ask if there are any specific milestones where you want to see that what we've been building is in line with your vision, and offer any feedback. As well as this, the project will be made available to you throughout so you can check in on it whenever you fancy, and we're always available if there's anything you want to see done differently.

Mapping the site

Information Architecture

Having established a basic outline of your site, we’ll organise the content you want displayed into appropriate pages and sections. Depending on the materials you provide us with, this process can be as basic as laying out the content page by page as you provide it, breaking down, organising and laying out content you provide, or writing the full content of the site ourselves, expanding basic information you want online into full, search engine optimised sections.

Additional Content

Looking for more than just text on your site? Whether you're after illustrations, photographs, video, animation or anything else you can think of, we'll help you find a professional with the skills to provide what you're looking for. We can liaise directly with other industry professionals so you don't have to worry about the technical stuff, and can focus on communicating any ideas and creative brief you have.

Design work


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an established brand, you’re bound to have a branding scheme worked out for your company. No matter how in depth your branding scheme guidelines we can tailor your site to match it exactly, and if you don’t have written up guidelines we can have a scheme developed for you; either a basic one which will be suitable for building a site and future development, or a complete branding scheme to meet any and all potential design needs.

Design feedback

As we're working on your site, we will give you a preview link which will be updated regularly so you can always check what's going on. Any design feedback can be sent at any time, so if you don't like something we can stop wasting time developing it and start working on an alternative, either independently or following your instruction. This process allows you to make sure your site is going to end up as you want, and, as it prevents us spending time on elements you don't like, can save you money on changes.

Launching the site

Domain name

Already got a domain name you want to use? We can help you set up your new site with it. Not got a domain but know what you want? We can help you register it. Not sure what a good domain for your site would be? We can help you come up with a solution you love.

Hosting and custom emails

We can set you up with a personalised hosting package based on the amount of traffic you're expecting your site to get. If you ever exceed this traffic we can switch you up to a more appropriate package and, if you're falling short of what you expected, we can put you on a cheaper package. That way, you only pay for the bandwidth you're using.

After the launch

Maintaining your site

We offer a range of maintenance packages, the most basic of which includes a very simple Content Management System which will allow you to edit the content of your website yourself, as well as an amount of time spent on your site each month dealing with any errors that may crop up, adding additional sections/pages, or updating design work or site content. More advanced maintenance packages are extensions of this, with more hours dedicated to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website not listing in the top pages of the search engines? Our search engine optimisation service looks to improve your websites content and visibility to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO aims to give your website the attention it deserves by using carefully selected keywords and phrases throughout your websites pages to help bring in much larger audiences and increase traffic and sales from your website. Learn how we can help you maximise your visibility.