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Web Design & Development of
Crossroads Care Bury.

Here's what we did for Crossroads

Crossroads Care Bury is the local branch of a national charity, with a mission “To promote, offer, support and deliver high quality services for Carers and people with care needs.” They asked us to develop an online presence for them, in order to inform people of and promote their services.

Website Features


Crossroads already had an established branding scheme, so it was a simple case of applying this to their website to maintain a consistent look across their brand. For design work that wasn’t covered by their branding scheme, we were able to build on it and develop solutions that fitted in with the existing scheme and worked well as part of an interactive website.

Ease of access

Crossroads wanted to make sure their website was usable not only by the carers, but by the people with care needs that they support. To this end, we integrated several ease of access features into the site: a high contrast button which makes the site appear in very bold, bright colours against a dark background, text size controls which allow the user to increase and decrease the size of the text on the page, and a Google Language module which allows the user to translate all the text on the page into the language of their choosing (over 70 languages to choose from).

Social Media

Crossroads wanted their audience to be able to share what they saw with their friends, so we included an AddThis sharing module to every page of the site, allowing users to share across over 300 social networks and services.

Updating the site

Crossroads wanted to make sure they could keep the information on their site up to date, so we incorporated tumblr.com feeds into their site so they could use that platform as a Content Management System to upload, edit and delete posts across their entire site from one location.