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Web Design & Development of
Chapelfield Primary School.

Here's what we did for Chapelfield

Chapelfield Primary School needed to update both the look and the content of their website. They asked us to put their prospectus online in a way that was attractive and easy for people to use.

Website Features

Information Architecture

Chapelfield had an entire prospectus full of information they wanted on the site, so we broke it into web-appropriate sections and sub sections, and built a usable navigation structure to make things simple to find.

Search Feature

Even when organised, it can still be hard to find what you’re looking for when there’s a lot to look through, so we built in a fully customised search feature so that users can quickly search for and find the content they’re after.

Customised Google Calendar

As well as information, Chapelfield wanted to share events and other important dates with their users. To this end we embedded a Google Calendar app into their site, and customised it to match the style of the website.


Chapelfield didn’t already have an established branding scheme, but they did have a bright and vibrant logo, so we used the colours from this to develop a site wide branding scheme.


As there is so much text based content on the site, Chapelfield asked us to find a photographer to go in to the school and take some pictures in order to break up the text and help make the site more appealing. We found a few suitable candidates, got quotes for the job and passed the details on to Chapelfield so they could decide who they wanted.