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Five Quarters Creative.

What we're all about

In 2012 Five Quarters Creative was founded around one basic principle: Simplicity.

We want to simplify the web. We want to make websites that are easily understood, so the end user spends their time browsing your products, reading your information and engaging with your service, rather than spending it tripping over excess features and superfluous extras.

Whatever your problem, we'll find a simple solution to it. Strong, clear design incorporating your branding scheme. Clean, efficient code to get the job done. Simple.

Meet the Team

Martin Griffiths

SEO Consultant, Web Services.

Martin is a professional search engine marketing consultant from Manchester, UK. Martin has been working as a search engine consultant for Five Quarters Creative since February 2012 with over 4 years experience working in the industry. Martin's main goal is to help businesses understand how search engines work and how search engine optimisation can benefit their businesses online visibility.

Tom Robinson

Web Design and Development

Tom is a user experience designer, interested in the way people use and interact with computers. He has dabbled in building websites since his early teens, and decided to study this and similar fields throughout college and university, before forming Five Quarters Creative so he can turn his passion into his job.